Happy 2010

As if it was end of 2008, but blogging from different place with different news and different weather. So what is the difference between 2009 and 2010… No one can tell everybody is wishing 2010 will be better than the previous years from every side.. But is the wishing is really enough… I guess all keys for having a better new year than the previous are in our hands. We can change our lives on a way that make 2010 is better. Change is one of the powerful universe law. Start your 2010 with new changes on your life break the chain confuse your mind and change the rhythm of your life. Don’t wait for the opportunities come to you, go and look for it.. Sit targets for this coming year and start to make a list right now and say I want to have all these list done at the end of 2010, put a short and long plan… don’t let anything ruin your mood… always start your day with smile and end it on your pillow with a smile too. Appreciate every moment and enjoy it, enjoy the NOW don’t think about past and don’t get worried about the future everything has its own time… Don’t wish for better New year.. Make it a better new year.

Happy New Year for all

The New Year 2009

The year 2008 is almost end after couples of minutes… End with blood, pictures for children are covered with blood while the world is watching… Pictures with mothers say goodbyes to their children instead of saying goodbyes to the year…

Pictures for destroyed homes…. Pictures for scared familes, year end with over 400 people are killed and over 2000 are injured… what an end!!! Thanks to all hotels, resturants cafes.. all people who didn’t celebrate the new year even by sending emails because if I know that the year will end like this, I will hope that it never comes… (pictures are from alrai newspaper and BBC Arabic)