Top sites in Jordan

Yesterday I was reading that Orange is reduce more the prices for the ISP to help to increase the number of Internet users in Jordan and Zain before couple of days released the Zain e-Go service in Jordan as the 1st provider in middle East (but Kuwait and Bahrain already had this before) also to compete and spread the internet. I decide to see what internet users in Jordan are looking for and their interest and how they are using the Internet. I went to Alexa website and checked the top visited sites in Jordan, the 1st one is  and the 2nd one is, I said ok most of users home pages are these two sites no problem, then Facebook (I hate it) people in Jordan are wasting their time by putting their information public to world-interested. after that Youtube came; people here are spending lots of time watching videos on YouTube. Then Koora, you know football is popular here in Jordan. after that Alrai newspaper, finally something good to read (at least). Wikipedia came on no. 11, good to see it here… then I went to the list till I reach to the 100 website. what I notice is that people either listening to music, reading news, watching video, or adult content or socializing… Is this what we need really from the Internet, I guess in addition of encouraging people of connecting to the Internet, government and public/private sector should educate people the benefit of it and how really you should use it

Top Sites:

  1. Search: Google
  2. Video: YouTube
  3. News: Alrai
  4. Sport: Koora
  5. Social: FaceBook

Zain e-Go Service in Jordan

Today Zain Jordan launch the e-Go service, the wireless internet connection without a landline… I am already a customer of Zain longtime ago and happy with their service. I called the customer service (1234) and asked the staff to give me more information. She was friendly with me, she gave me all price schema (already checked it from the website). I asked her about the coverage she said it is 99% of Amman area, you can either get a USB device or a wireless modem (USB is free for 2.4 and 5 mbps customers). I asked her if I can convert from ADSL to Wireless and what about if I reach my limit how much the speed gonna drop, she asked me to wait on phone to get more information, after 1 minute she said to me I can’t convert from ADSL to wireless (not big deal), but she said till now there is no policy for the download limitation because the first two months are free download limit (till the two months are ended, at the time company will find a policy) and there is no free download limit time as ADSL (on ADSL from 10 pm to 7 am, and Friday). I guess I will wait more because my ADSL will end this December and the prices will change more and will have more offers

Jordanian Cable Service

Finally a long waited service is entering the Jordanian Market and I hope it will change the Internet market in Jordan. JCS is an TV and Internet Cable company providing around 70 TV channels and 4 different Internet speed connections with unlimited upload and download.. Also the network between JCS network is around 10 Mbs. I contacted the customer service today, unfortinaltly my area still not covered with this serivce but they promise will do next few months. I hope this will drive the other ISP to increase the speed and remove the internet cap so we can enjoy fast, cheap internet surfing without fear of bandwith drops