Free Scanning tool for Alfresco

Are you looking for a free scanning tool for Aflresco, you should try the new Capturesco version 2.0, open source built based on open source projects, no need to any licenses. Built with .Net framework 3.5 using C#. Can capture documents from any scanner with a TWAIN driver using ADF or flatbed by using the Native TWAIN User Interface or direct scanning. All documents can be saved as jpg, gif or Tiff also support single or multipage documents. The tool is still in development stages and testing. Feel free to add your comments and if you have any troubles just contact me and I will try to reply to you soon. Capturesco is a good start point for the developers who’s looking to develop their own customized scanning utility.

You can download Alfresco Scanning tool (Capturesco) from here.

Thank you for your interest and your support.

Capturesco 2.0 Beta 1 Released


Capturesco 2.0 Beta 1, just released. It has lots of changes and tweaks on the scanning module.

  • The project now is built using Visual Studio 2008
  • All codes are now written in C#
  • Adding TWAIN supports for Scanners
  • Scanning can be made through Capturesco or native scanner TWAIN driver
  • New enhanaced interface showing the steps.
  • Better supports for ADF
  • Users can now choose to save the multi pages scanning on a single file or multiple files
  • Lots of code cleaning
  • New logo for the Capturesco 🙂

Don’t forget to register WIA if you are planning to capture images through camera

To download it go to Capturesco Page on Alfresco Forge, if  you need any help leave a comment…

Any supports will be appreciated

Custom Content Model Builder for Alfresco

This utility will help you to build custom content model, it only build the custom content model xml file, and the admin must modify manually the rest two files you can specify if the field is required, default or multi-values list. If you need any help please leave for me a comment, Source Code and Documentation


New updated source code is released please check the tool page

Bulk Insert into Alfresco – ACP Generator

The purpose of the utility to import bulk documents into Alfresco with their meta data based on a custom content model and convert them to ACP file then import it into Alfresco. It reads custom content model, documents and CSV file and create ACP file.

The tool was developed using .NET framework 2.0, and it is open source you can use it and redistribute it without any licensing

This tool was developed based on ACPGeneratr utility idea.

You find here the source code and the documentation, if you need any more help please contact me

The tool was tested with Alfresco 2.1 and the latest Alfresco 3.0 Lab edition, and also non-Latin language support

Thanks to Bader and Nawras who did a great job to make it real

Running OpenOffice from the Command Line

If you are looking to run OpenOffice or OpenOffice Portable on the background to run transformation Service for Alfresco (After configuring Alfresco to run as a Windows Service) follow these simple instructions:

  1. Create a text File on your Hard Disk and name it (start_oo.bat)
  2. Edit this file and add the following command (soffice “-accept=socket,host=localhost,port=8100;urp;StarOffice.ServiceManager” -nologo -headless -nofirststartwizard)
  3. Add to the Path in the Environmental variables the path where the soffice.exe is exist

Run the batch file then run the Alfresco Service, and now the transformation service is back to business

Why ECM Projects?!!!

I always wondered why Organizations and companies pay millions of dollars each year to implement an ECM and no body use them. I decide to dig more and see why these millions are lost. After long research and from My experience I found these interesting points

  1. Failure to meet users expectations, sometimes end users expect to ease their life and work but what happened when it comes, it adds extra work and make it more complex for them
  2. Applications are too complex or needs extra work, this point is one of the major points in any IT projects, if the applications are complex no one will use it even IT people
  3. Lack of skills or knowledge around the application or process, even if IT people got a training on a software, but the knowledge around that applications doesn’t come in one shot, this usually takes time to be build
  4. Lack of ownership on business level, there are no owners for the processes, no one can give a decision on a process
  5. Organization acceptance fails, the overall acceptance of the ECM is fails no one think it is necessary or even needed