Loctite 495

I don’t know why people hate my car, after I waked up early morning to go to my work I was shocked that my right mirror was broken 🙁

I called the dealer and he said that I must pay 170 JD ($220) for a new one. I called my brother and he suggested to me to use a good glue and told me about it is Loctite 495. I bought it online and today I got it.

The color and smell is like the cheap super glue, the effect is much much more… I tried today and my Mirror return as if it was never broken, and I as my brother said to me you can glue a horse on the wall with it 🙂 So I fixed my car with only 14 JD ($20) and I still have alot of glues if you need something to fix 😉


How much pressure in the car tire you should have

Maintaining the optimum value of the air pressure in your tire will help you to save fuel consumptions from to 10% to 15%. Each car manufacturer recommend the amount of air pressure you should have in your tires, to find these values; open the car door (next to steering) and look for any labels on the edge of the car and read the values. You will have two values, one if the load is light and the other if the car is fully loaded. Check your air pressure on the tires every 3 weeks to one months so you can minimize the fuel consumptions.