Firefox Download Day 2008

Firefox Download Day

Mozilla is trying to enter the Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours.

What you have to do is just go to this website Firefox Download Day and registered that you are pledging to download Firefox on the release day to have the record… The total pledges is around 280,000 and counting… In Jordan there are 89 Pledges.. Invite all Firefox lover to pledge and increase the number from 89 to 1000

How to Import Posts from Pivot to WordPress

I’ve been using using Pivot blog since 2005, it is a database based text file, it is a good and powerful blog for people that don’t have database support on their host (You can get basic hosting for $4/month and use it). The challenge for me is to move to a new software is how can I import my all data from Pivot. I decide to go with WordPress and check if I can do the migration process, I did some googling until I found the solution. The steps are very simple:

  1. Download the latest version of wordPress here
  2. Read the 5 mins installation guide to install it. (I recommend to install in on another folder not to your root folder (e.g.
  3. Grab this script file and upload it to the /wordpress/wp-admin/import/ (credits goes to this guy)
  4. Copy your db folder from Pivot folder with pv_cfg_config.php and paste them to WordPress folder
  5. Login to your admin console for WordPress, Go to Manage, Import and Choose Pivot
  6. Follow up the instructions (mapping the users, etc…)
  7. If everything went fine you have all your posts imported
  8. Now to solve the Image problem you need to grab this WordPress Plugin from here and remove the ‘.txt
  9. Open the file and add your image path to the files (e.g.
    <img src="$1" alt="$2" align="$3" border="$4" /> change it to <img src="images/$1" alt="$2" align="$3" border="$4" />
  10. Upload your file to the plugin Directory /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ and activate it
  11. Open your website now, Viola, your all Pivot posts are imported to WordPress.. Happy Blogging