Best of 2008

Websites, TV programs, Radio Shows and even Newspapers are starting writing articles about Best of 2008 on different areas, like news, technology, etc… I was thinking why not to write an article on a piece of paper About Best of 2008 that happened to me or to you. I am sure everyone will find alot of things to write about. And after  doing that read it on the next day and see how much your life was good this year and thanks God for that. Even the bad things that happended to you and at the end you discovered that it was a good thing write down.. This will gonna give you a push to start the next year with high spirit and help you to make new plans for the next… So pick up a pen and paper and put the title Best of 2008 for Me and write your list….

A Year of Change

I love reading on PickTheBrain Website, they have lots of useful articles that inspired me to write. Today they released a Free E-Book called A Year of Change, it contains the best articles in the website like

  1. Learning to Dearm…Again
  2. 24 Daily Habits
  3. Feel the pain, then make the change
  4. How to Sell Yourself

and many others.. Enjoy the reading and remeber it is free you can print it, share it, etc.. but don’t sell it

Why we loose Interest?

Did you ever start something and after a while you stop doing it, Did you plan to start reading then after few

days you just don’t feel that you want to read any more. Are you  a smoker and you plan to stop and after few hours you smoke again.. Things like these happen everyday, why?!!, Let us take a simple example; you decide to start learning new language, you were exciting and happy with full power, but after couples of days, the power is start to decrease, you start dismissing classes then after a while you stop the course… WHY!!!. Let us start from the beginning,  when you start thinking to take the course, you start giving justifications to yourself why you must take this course and start to convince yourself that is a must. All your sensing start focusing on that and the power gauge is hitting the maximum. After you start the course, you start to focus on another thing, the energy start to decrease and your senses start to focus on another things until you lose interest on the course and you lose focusing on learning. What happened the course is still their and deep inside you still wanna learn but your senses are not focusing on that…. So to finish what you have been started focus again and you will see how this energy will come back… Don’t distort your senses focus on one thing a time and see how you will success