Adding Arabic support to Nexus One

After my return from Canada and getting my Nexus One Mobile, I decided last Saturday to add the Arabic support to Android 2.2, after 10 mins of hard work and scary moments :D, I restored all my apps and data to my N1 with Arabic.

I don’t take any credits for this quick guide, all information were gathered from here and their and I’m not responsible for any bricked devices or data lost and this procedures will void your warranty.. I am warning you

Please note this article is just for Nexus One (Google Phone) with Froyo (Android 2.2) Version.



  • Unzip the Android SDK in whatever folder you like
  • Go to your Mobile, from Settings –>Applications –>Development –> Enable USB Debugging
  • Connect your mobile to the USB then to your PC
  • Wait until Windows recognized your mobile if not (the normal case 🙂 ) go to My computer, right click properties then to device manager, look for the N1 mobile, right click –> properties, update drivers and choose the android SDK folder, then USB Driver for your windows version. This should make your windows recognize your mobile.
  • Go to Run and type cmd and hit enter
  • Go to the Android SDK folder then to Tools
  • Type this command: adb devices and then hit enter
  • Wait for a second the system should return to you a number like HT123P143456 this is your mobile serial number, and if it didn’t work check if your windows recognized your mobile, if not.. Kill yourself or Google it for a solution 😀
  • Go back to your mobile and do a backup if you care about your data like call history, sms, etc.. don’t backup your Google calendar and contacts because Google already do that for you
  • Now turn off your Nexus one
  • Hold the track ball and press the power point for few seconds and release it
  • You should end up with a white screen with three green android at the bottom of the screen
  • Go to Run and open the command again (by typing cmd)
  • Go to your Android SDK then to Tools
  • Type: fastboot devices and hit enter
  • It Should give you the same serial number as before if yes then you are on the right track
  • Now to the scary part type: fastboot oem unlock , read the screen carefully if you don’t agree the rules you can choose that and return back to your Froyo without Arabic support, if you want to have a little risk choose unlock the bootloader and press the power button
  • Now you should have unlock sign at the bottom of the screen :D, restart your mobile in recovery mode (same as before track ball and power button)
  • Move Amon_RA’s recovery image to your Android SDK folder\Tools
  • Open your command (Run –>cmd) and hit enter
  • Type the following command: fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-nexus-v1.7.0.img
  • It should take few seconds and give you writing Recovery
  • Now you can boot directory from the menu to recovery image
  • From the recovery image choose to Connect to USB and copy both files the Nexus add-ons 0.1 and the Froyo with Arabic support
  • Return to the Recovery image and choose flash zip from sd card
  • Choose the nexus one add-ons and flash it
  • Once the process is finished (congratulation your mobile is rooted 😀 ) Flash the 2nd zip file with same steps
  • After all is done, disconnect your mobile from USB and restart it
  • Wait until it open, sign in with your Google account, restore your backup and install your apps
  • Voila…you have Arabic support with your Nexus One (go and check it what you are waiting for )

Finally, Arabic support to Android arrived

The Arabic support to Android arrived unofficially thanks to Ayman Al-Sanad who added the support to the OS. I tried to add the Arabic support to my HTC myTouch 3G (Magic 32B) and now I have my mobile read Arabic in most of the applications.

What you have to do is to root your mobile, flash the latest custom  Cyanogen 4.2.13 that support Arabic restart your mobile and that is it.. Your HTC Magic/myTouch 3G support Arabic.

To flash your mobile with the custom room check this website

UPDATE: (Cyanogen with Arabic support)

Cyanogen is the latest custom ROM for Android now also support Arabic, flash first Cyanogen then flash the Arabic support from here… Also to support them you can either donate or but the RTL support from Android Market

UPDATE: (Cyanogen 5.07 with Arabic support)

If you already want to upgrade your mobile to the latest Android 2.1 aka eclair and get benefits from the the new features and scared to lose Arabic support?! Think again because our friend Ayman did it again and add the Arabic support to the Android 2.1 and I confirm that it is working… after flashing 5.0.7 go to this website and flash the Arabic support to your mobile..

Orbeon Forms Arabic support (Right to Left)


Yes the above picture is true, Orbeon Forms supports Arabic and the most important is right to left page layout. This mean not only Arabic can benefit but also Persian and Hebrew languages. The process is very simple, you just want to play with the default CSS that shipped with the Orbeon Forms.

To to do that:

  1. Download and unzip this file to the webapps folder on TomCat or place it anywhere you want
  2. Download this file and place it on config folder for obreon (i.e. webapps\orbeon\WEB-INF\resources\config). (Change the path for the CSS if you change it on the above step, if not don’t do anything)
  3. Open the form builder and design your own form in Arabic, save it and then Publish it, now from the summary document you can open it with right to left alignment.


  • I did the right to left page layout for all Forms, but you can customize it, only for few forms
  • You can’t have English and Arabic on same time, because the English will have the right to left page layout unless someone come with an idea how to load different CSS once the change language button is clicked
  • While you are design your form take in consideration that the Form Builder is not on Right to Left layout, but you can do it if you prefer so
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask and i must mention the Web Developer Extension for Firefox gave me a great help

Orbeon Forms is is an open source forms solution that handles the complexity of forms typical of the enterprise or government. It is delivered to standard web browsers (including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera) thanks to XForms and Ajax technology, with no need for client-side software or plugins. Orbeon Forms allows you to build fully interactive forms with features that include as-you-type validation, optional and repeated sections, always up-to-date error summaries, PDF output, full internationalization, and controls like auto-completion, tabs, dialogs, trees and menus. Orbeon Forms already supports most of the XForms 1.1 specification.

WD TV HD Media Player Arabic subtitle support

If you bought this amazing media player and you wanna add an Arabic subtitle support and you can’t do it using SRT, there is a walk around to get the Arabic subtitles work… All you have to do is download this software SubtitleCreator and convert the Arabic SRT file to VOBSUB and copy the both generated files to the same folder where the film is and rename it with the same film name, and open your movie and see how the Arabic subtitles are displayed on the screen