Day 3

My 3rd day at Cairo, we
spent the whole day at the Egypt Museum. We went their by walking on
next to Nile river the weather was great. The entrance ticket was
cheap. The most amazing thing that I like there are the Tomb of Tot
3en5 Amoon. Everything were their, no words can describe it. I guess
I was so lucky to see it from very close scene because the glass
container was under maintenance and they took it out from it. The
second thing is the Royal Mummies Room. I saw Ramses the second and
the royal families. You can't take any kind of picture inside the
museum, so all of our pictures were outside. Our tour took around 2
hours. After the training we went back to the hotel, and choose our
dinner. Sea Food 🙂 We bought Fish and Oyster. The taste was great,
it is my 1st time that I ate oyster but it is not bad. You
take alive and prepare it with garlic and lemon yummy 🙂 then eat it
like pop corn before the main course.

Cairo Day 2

The second day, start at 8 a.m having our breakfast on the hotel and prepare oursrlves to go to the pyramids.
The taxi took us about half an hour to get their, to be honest the view of the pyramids are great if you are looking to them from far place. I saw abu El-Hall, I thought it is bigger but that does not mean it is small one. For me I prefeared to go their by walking but our friends dont like to walk so we had a horse riding all the way. I still love Petra more than the pyramids it is more amazing. Now I am at the hotel preparing myself for the training course but still we didn't plan anything for the night. We will take the recommendation from our instructo, may be he recommend for us something new.

Blogging from Cairo (Day 1)


I am now in Cairo, my 1st day was amazing, we arrived to the Hotel at 10 P.M. after half an hour. We all gathered and went to the El-Husain Mosque and El-Azhar Mosque. Everything was amazing I cant describe it. This city does not sleep. We went back at hotel at 2.00 a.m. but the city was moving like if it is afternoon. We drink Mango and ate Kufta and Kabab. Today we will go to Pyramids and afternoon to the training center to attend the 1st day in the meeting.

To Cairo

Yes next Saturday I will be at Cairo for one week training on the UML in the IBM training center. It is the 1st time for me their. I am so exited about this trip.. I will take with me my cam and start taking pictures everywhere. Also I will take my laptop so I can blog from their my daily activities… So keep visiting this site to see more pictures and more news live from Cairo :-). If you wanna anything from their just tell to not  bring it with me 😉