I will not talk about chocolate 🙂 because they serve a great one, but if you like to have really fresh juice with different tastes and mixture; then you must give them a visit they have alot of natural tastes.. Also they opened now in Mekkah mall on the new extension… enjoy the taste 😉

PS2 and my friend

My friend is falling in love with Residance Evil Serise, he had a Dream Cast and played most of game version on it. He asked me to borrow my PS2 since i didnt play on it long time, and asked me to provide him with games like Residence Evil, I gave him Silent Hill 2, 3 and mmm Devil may Cry. I warned him before that Devil may cry is like addiction so be aware, he start playing it from 12am till dawn, next day he slept while the gamepad with his hand :-). and he still playing I told him I will give part 2 and 3, and Residence Evil 4 ;-). But I am still wondering when i gave him Zone of Enders 2 or God of War when he gonna sleep 🙂

My first french day…

I was very nervese who’s gonna teach me, and when he or she do the revision; and i get a question? I will answer or not? the Class start 6:30 after waiting outside the class room waiting the afternoon class to finished. I sit on th chair waiting him/her to pass through the door… Suddenly, is he Mr. Daniel.. yes he is, he will be my teacher (He was my teacher on level one :-)). I am feel much more comfortable now, now what, the revision… He start asking questions, and remind us with grammers, where are these information were hidden on mind suddenly i remembered everything and I am very active on the class… Yes I am back now to french with good background to and self confidence to leran more…

Windows on Apple Mac

After many rumors from here and their and after the hacking competition to run windows XP on Apple hardware, Finally Apple announced new software will let you run windows XP on Mac hardware and choose between running Mac OS or windows XP. I think this move from Apple is very smart, they wanna grab market share from the Pc makers because of their hardware performance and look (I am one of their fans) and they may be give the user a Mac OS experience by letting them run dual OS on same hardware… Really each time Apple do something I said inside myself, Job will not stop until let Apple back one of the most player in the Computer hardware and IT.

It is Time….

I was thinking of this long time ago but I waited the right time to do this… I will start to write about web development and some tips & tricks as I learned them from my experience… I will try to give hints and some ways to fix errors to share this information with others I hope this will help other developers to save sometimes while they are looking for solutions, so stay tune but don’t worry I will not fill my blog with these articles one or two per week 🙂