Finally, I reclaim my inbox what about your?

After long waiting, Thunderbird 1.5 is realeased… While I waiting to finish downloading it I was thinking do I really prepared to move from Outlook after more than 7 years of usage. Is all of my emails will be transfered smoothly their…Let us figure it out, I install it and as usaul very fast installation, then let us import all things from Outlook… I started with my address box few seconds and all my contacts was their… ok let us move to hardest part my emails.. imagine all my emails since 1997 on my outlook even the sent one :-).. I started the process and left it for around 10 mins.. and back…Wooow all my mails are their even the arabic one.. i set all my accounts and when Thunderbird asked me if you want me your default mail client, I press Yes and checked the box for not showing this again 😉

Narnia is it worthy to see?!!!

I saw the trailer of this movie before one year and really it was great and untill now I love it, I waited this movie long time… Now it is on the cinemas. I went to see it tonight and here is my opinion… The music is wow, really it is great and I will search for the movie sound track.. the effects is another positive point for the movie, now let us come to the important part “The Story”… I guess the director is wasted around 45 mins of the movie for nothing just with hide and seek game that can be shorten just for 15 or 20 mins and show us more actions… Really I was hoping to see more actions in the movie not just talking, but if we consider the movie is for 10+ years I guess it is worthy. So if you don’t have something to do go with your kids or brothers and see it you will enjoy…:-)

Linux for Desktop

Sometimes when I was thinking for another OS rather than Windows, am thinking of Linux… I like it so much but for normal user I guess it is not easy to deal with it because it may see it complicated… I tried many distribuations for Linux until I tried this on Ubuntu, I can call it a free OS for a desktop and for normal user, very easy installation and after it start a clean interface and everything is great… I try it on my laptop, all hardware were well working even my wireless network and to be honest, it took me less much time to connect to my access point than when i did it in Windows :-). I recommend it for any user who’s wanna another OS. If you wanna give it a try you can use the live CD so you can run it without any installation. It is a Open Source for an Open World..Enjoy

Finally… It is Alive……..

After around 2 hours of work, i did it and it is work perfectly…. I upgraded my blog to the latest software version and I added another feature for me.
I added web statistics, I can now view a summery of my blog visitors, from which country, OS and web browser… At the end of each month i will report the number of visitors and other statistics, so get ready… 😉

Film above the cloud

I went on Thursday to watch the long waited movie Flightplan for Jodie Foster, I love her and i love her way of acting…
The movie is around 1:30 hrs, is about airplane hijack but in different way, and really new idea.. what most thing I love it, they didnt stick it with arabs or muslims, even there is a scene make you feel the muslims did it, but later everything is clear and there is no relation with them. Anyway if you are one of Jodie fans go and see it on Cinema if not just bring it on DVD and enjoy it..

Harry Potter

Last Thursday I went to Grand Cenima with Tareq to watch Harry Potter movie, the movie was around 2:30 hrs. When it started I was happy coz am gonna see the match as in the book, everything is fine and opps, i thought the movie was cut and thereis no match, I said it is ok it is not a big deal.. I continue watching the movie and where is it? I waited him to show up – Doby the elf – the movie ended and still didnt showed up.. Ok let us skip this part too it is not a big deal… the third task was very very short where is it? it was very short… I was disappointed coz when I red ohh sorry I listened to the book (thnx to my iPod) i thought I can see alot of things on it… But to be honest the movie effects was wow, I couldnt tell what is fake or what is real this is a good point… So at the end if you didnt red or listened 🙂 to the book, you will enjoy it to the maximum but if you did, 🙁 you will go out and asked many questions where all these things are gone??!!!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year for all, I know it may be late 🙂 but really i was very busy and still… Any way finally I make it and I write again on my blog. For me the year 2005 was  not excited till the end of it, everything was moving fast and alot of things happened but eveything is fine… I hope this year is become better than ever for All..