Anroid Arabic support in Honeycomb (aka Android 3.0)

After having my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v for almost one week, I am ready to write a full review about the Arabic support in Android 3.0 with a video 🙂 so stay tune for this weekend.


I recorded a small video about Arabic support in Honeycomb, and please don’t comment on the video because I know myself I am bad in recording videos or audio 🙂


Firefox Mobile is Here with Arabic Support for Android

Today Mozilla is releasing the Firefox Mobile version for Android phone which bring the whole experience of the Firefox desktop edition to your Mobile. For Arabic World what does it mean, you can enjoy reading Arabic Website on your Android phone while Android does not support Arabic now. So you can let Android support Arabic on the Web without modifying your mobile or patch it.

Arabic supports in Andriod Mobiles

This trick work with any Android mobile that have Android 2.0 and above, you can read Arabic website using Firefox Mobile installed from Android Market Currently in Beta 5 but it is very stable. Still you can read Arabic SMS, but you wanna have Arabic website on your mobile without a hassle of flashing a custom ROM or Rooting, just install Firefox Mobile. Thanks to my friend for this tip (@amersweidan)


مسابقة موزيلا لتصميم اجمل تي شيرت لفيرفكس ٤

كعادتها عن قرب اطلاق نسخة المتصفح الجديدة لفيرفكس تقوم مؤسسة موزيلا باطلاق مسابقتها الابداعية لتصميم اجمل تي شيرت للاحتفال بهذه المناسبة بحيث يصبح هذا التصميم والتي شيرت التصميم الرسمي ويمكن للاشخاص الراغبين القيام بشراء هذه التي شيرتات من موقع موزيلا

اخر موعد لارسال التصاميم ١٣ اذار ٢٠١١ ويستم اختيار افضل خمسة تصاميم من قبل فريق داخل موزيلا ومن ثم اطلاق التصويت بتاريخ ١٥ اذار ٢٠١١ لاختيار افضل تصميم من بين الخمسة تصاميم. المشاركة مفتوحة للافراد او الجماعات. لمزيد من المعلومات والتفاصيل وشروط المسابقة الرجاء زيارة الموقع الرسمي للمسابقة

Open Source Initiative in Jordan

I thought many times before writing this article because I feel that it will open lots of mouths on me. Before 7 years I was very excited about Open Source initiative and how to help spreading the word and educate people about Open Source. Now I guess the picture is little different than before and people at least know what’s open source and there is something exist called open free source software, but I don’t want to be pessimistic, I see all these initiatives are just a shy trial to promote open source and educate people about it. I guess people should be educated about the Open source but with different way, not by using Linux or Open office but by the concept itself. I am a IT person who love Linux and I guess Ubuntu is a step forward to make Linux a user friendly and much easier, but I still think it is still not ready for the end user and not ready also for all IT people. I am now blogging from my Asus netbook that has Windows 7 pre-installed, if I want to install let us say Ubuntu remix to replace Windows 7, I will spend 1 hour to configure my Wifi, I will lose the mutlitouch mouse pad (I guess it is very important for the netbook) also I will lose the mic and the cam. For regular people, what does that mean? Waste of time and they lost some of the functionalities that came with the netbook. If the user tried it once and had a bad experience with it, it will lose interest with open source and will have bad impression about the open source.  Students at schools start their 1st steps in Computer world by using windows and MS office changing this culture needs time and efforts. Changing this culture does not mean, to start making fun of others and pretend that company like MS is evil, all commercial companies are evils and they care about money, we have to educate people about open source philosophy and why should I care before start teaching people how to use Linux or open office. People must start their 1st steps in open source world with simpler approach, like browsers. Imagine if Mozilla Firefox has a market share with 60%, this mean all developer will start use open standard and not commercial closed standard. Developer will use or try to use open source technology or force the commercial company to use open standard or support open source standard.

I guess this kind of start will help to promote the open source more than telling people to use Linux or open office. May be the open source browser will influence people to use other open source products like Linux or open office or php, etc.. and make people think for alternatives other than closed or commercial software.

How to make a dynamic PDF File (Flowed Layout)

I’m a big fan of Adobe Acrobat Forms, I faced different cases in my work, other departments asked me to design a PDF form but a dynamic, the content in the boxes can be expended or shrink depends on the data. In Adobe Acrobat these kind of forms called Flowed layout. I thought it will be a tough task to do such thing, but after playing around with Adobe LiveCycle, it was easy and almost straight forward.

The most important part to decide which pages are flowed layout and which are positioned, and then everything will be in few clicks. All you have to do is to make the Page layout Flowed and wrap all your fields within a subform with a flowed layout, and for each field in the layout tab, select expand to fit property so the field are expandable.

Find this test PDF, it will explain everything also I added how to add more Table rows dynamically into a PDF form.

Note: You have to save your PDF file as Dynamic PDF in order to make it expandable.