Learning from Aunts

Continuing on my previous articles learning from past , and on my learning lessons….:-)

When I was child, I used to watch aunts how they search for
food, how they moved it to their home… I still remembered when an aunt find a
small piece of bread, and tried for many times to move it but it couldn’t, I
watched it for about 5 minutes (for an aunt 5 minutes it is very long time), it
didn’t gave up. For a moment it stopped trying and left the piece – I thought
it gave up and will try to look for a small piece – but after a while it came
back with two aunts and the three aunts started to move this piece to their

It is amazing how these tiny little creature tried and didn’t
gave up, moreover when it couldn’t handle it, it look for supports from other

Before they said, you know the guy is died when he/she stop

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