Personal Development

They said we are in the age of speed, anything that suddenly shows in your mind you can just go to Google or Wikipedia and got alot of information about it, any book or item you like with few clicks on Amazon it will be yours, but this does not applied on your personal Development. It is something that need time and patient, you can't clime the ladder with one step you need to take it step by step. To know how is your personal development is going with you so far, bring a paper and go back to 5 years ago or back to the 1st year when you began your 1st work. remembered yourself on that time and what you are now… and see how much progress you have. The following are few tips they help you in your personal development journey.

  1. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, it is a Chinese proverb; did you tried alot of tips and hints, back to my perfect diet or to waking up early, you tried to stick with these steps but you failed or you red a book about self development but you failed to followed up. This is because you are not ready yet, try it later and you find it is working. So prepare yourself to meet the teacher.
  2. Don't be sad if everything is not going well. Not everything we plan for will work or gonna success. Sometimes it fails, sometimes you feel that you lost everything. Don't let it make you down, learn from your mistakes and make it in your side.
  3. Don't let others bring you down. Everyone has different goals, different environment, not every goal is suitable for everybody; if you hear from somebody why you are wasting your time, don't listen because he/she has different point view that's all. Remember, in Personal development there are no right or wrong way of doing things, it is different from one person to another
  4. Celebrate your victories, back to my post on rewarding yourself. This will help you to continue in your Personal development and it is on of the most powerful tool for motivation

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