How to find a job using the social media?

I know lots of bloggers and websites wrote about this subject, but I am writing about it from my own experience, How did I found a new job and moved from my old one to this new one. Let me take you exactly one year back. At the beginning of 2010; I took a decision to change my job I almost their for 4 years and I have to find a new one to develop my career path and polish my knowledge. So I started to think whats the best way to start looking for a job, newspaper? or job websites like bayt? or by traditional way asking my friends if there is an open position somewhere? I decide to change the way of searching, I am going to use the social media and the one that I most addicted to Twitter, I always have it on my mobile and I can easily follow up with it. I did some follow up for the biggest website jobs like UN Jobs (I’m interested to continue my career in the UN system) and each time I found a job ‘position that match my qualifications I put it in my favorite list, at the weekend I have a list of jobs that fit my skills. I started to apply for these jobs, until I received one day an email telling me that I am short listed and I am going to have a job interview, I did it. Got the job and now I am one month old in my new job. During my movement also I had another offer for a job but I decided to go with my current job. You can also use Linkedin just keep your profile up to date, get the right recommendations from the right people. If you are a photographer you can use flickr to post your photo tell people about it using twitter or Facebook you may wake up someday and find an email for a job. Or use YouTube to publish your video (if you love to make a good movies), let people know about them and wait.. I am sure someday you get some benefits from that. Last thing that I want to mentioned that it took me almost 6 months to make my job interview which is I think it’s not bad. So what you are waiting now start using social media for looking for a new job if you want to change your current job of course 😀

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