My plan for the New Year 2011

2010 was one of the best year I ever had in the last 3 decades, and I am happy that I am starting a next decade with new life and new job. So I summarize few things I will do them next year as part of continuous life improvement to myself 😀

  • I promise myself starting from next year to stop talking about politics. This means no more political discussions or argument, of course I will still read news and see how things around the world is going especially in my region but just the headlines no more no less. Enough politics
  • I decide to give myself a break every week from Technology  things and stay away from my laptop. I guess these things are consumed more than I think and there are lots of things in our life deserve to spend more time with.
  • Give more attention to people around me, and if I could help one person at least a month I will be statisfied with myself
  • Give more attention to my health, and take myself to a further step from where I am standing now.
  • Learn something new in my career path and add to it, also improve what I already have and polish it
  • Visiting the countries around specially France and Italy
  • Can’t tell you
  • Can’t tell you
  • Can’t tell you
  • Can’t tell you
  • Can’t tell you

Happy New Year and wish that all your plans become true

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