From Which Angle?

I know we can argue for hours on that but I still believe that everything in this world has its own beauty but it depends on which angle you are look into it. Even the worst situations or difficult times you can find a beauty or something beautiful on that. This is not hypothetical speech or just a speech from someone that sitting in high place and looking for people in the street, it is not the case, sometimes you will be in situation either you live it as it is and enjoy it or just make your life as a hell and everyday will be a nightmare. So you will have to choose either to live with it and find a beauty on that or have everyday a nightmare, it’s up to you. And don’t come back to me and said no there is no good side, I will going to tell you;  you didn’t look deep or you are just deep inside believe on that so you find something to hang out all your depression or failure on. Put it in a cube and flip it in every angle I am sure you will going to find the right angle to look on it.

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