The Change, is a universal law

One of my friend told me a very interested story about a old man that has a small shop selling some food and stuff in an old village. The business was running quite well and sometimes sons of this old man come and help me him in his shop, and when his sons come for help he always asked them to change the places for boxes and goods on the shelves. So old boxes never stay on the same place for more than one week. One of the villager came to that old man and asked him, why you always doing that changing the places of things on the shelves. The old man replied look my son change is a universal law, if things stayed on their places for long time the dust will build on them and no one gonna buy them, so changing them from time to time will make sure that they will stay clean and other people may notice them and buy them… What I love in this story is whole point.. Change is a universal Law, we need a change in our life or dust will built on us and we will sink in the routine cycle of life and will never get out from it. So dear reader after finishing this line… Promise yourself to do a change in your life now and see how things will get better…

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