Finally, Arabic support to Android arrived

The Arabic support to Android arrived unofficially thanks to Ayman Al-Sanad who added the support to the OS. I tried to add the Arabic support to my HTC myTouch 3G (Magic 32B) and now I have my mobile read Arabic in most of the applications.

What you have to do is to root your mobile, flash the latest custom  Cyanogen 4.2.13 that support Arabic restart your mobile and that is it.. Your HTC Magic/myTouch 3G support Arabic.

To flash your mobile with the custom room check this website

UPDATE: (Cyanogen with Arabic support)

Cyanogen is the latest custom ROM for Android now also support Arabic, flash first Cyanogen then flash the Arabic support from here… Also to support them you can either donate or but the RTL support from Android Market

UPDATE: (Cyanogen 5.07 with Arabic support)

If you already want to upgrade your mobile to the latest Android 2.1 aka eclair and get benefits from the the new features and scared to lose Arabic support?! Think again because our friend Ayman did it again and add the Arabic support to the Android 2.1 and I confirm that it is working… after flashing 5.0.7 go to this website and flash the Arabic support to your mobile..

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