3D Cinemas in Amman, my 1st impression

Yesterday I went with my brother to City Mall to watch Final Destination film in 3D, I didn’t watched any film from the series but the idea was to try the 3D movies,

The ticket was 8 JD and as the ticket guy told me, in 3D movie the more you get closer to the screen the more fun you will have… At the entrance I picked up one of the glasses that are looks old fashioned and cheap :), I asked the guy how they clean them because they are not disposable, he said after collecting them they sterilized them before the next show. Once the movie is started I put the glasses on, they are light and you look funny with them 🙂 and to be honest I didn’t felt comfortable with them for a few minutes. Now Is it really 3D? I can say yes.. the film was bloody with no story but the 3D experience make it nice.. The most exciting  moment was a snake scene I felt as if the snake is on front of my face :). I guess RealD movies are a good steps towards 3D movies, definitely I will go for more movies (Good one only) and I hope later on they change these glasses with cool one 🙂

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