Prioritize your life

Do your job or position affects your mentality or your way of thinking, I guess the answer is Yes even if you don't know how.

In software Development when the software requirements analysis step is begin, you list all the feature and start putting what is in and what is out depending on different criteria. This step is very critical because if you add a feature that has alot of risk it may lead your project to a fail. What I learned as a chemical engineer how to do the Prioritization (Classified things based on their priorities). I am use this technique in my working in IT but also in my life. Sometimes you need to do Prioritization to success. It is very simple, start by drawing 2×2 grid, name the x-axis Difficulty (All bad things are represented here such as time, risk, cost, effort, complexity, etc..) the Y-axis is the Importance (all good things are represented here such as saving time, revenue, benefits, etc…) and start put things on this grids based on these criteria Difficulty vs. Importance. at the end of the day you will have all thing Prioritize from High to low.. Isn't amazing… I saved your day 🙂

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