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Yesterday I was reading that Orange is reduce more the prices for the ISP to help to increase the number of Internet users in Jordan and Zain before couple of days released the Zain e-Go service in Jordan as the 1st provider in middle East (but Kuwait and Bahrain already had this before) also to compete and spread the internet. I decide to see what internet users in Jordan are looking for and their interest and how they are using the Internet. I went to Alexa website and checked the top visited sites in Jordan, the 1st one is  and the 2nd one is, I said ok most of users home pages are these two sites no problem, then Facebook (I hate it) people in Jordan are wasting their time by putting their information public to world-interested. after that Youtube came; people here are spending lots of time watching videos on YouTube. Then Koora, you know football is popular here in Jordan. after that Alrai newspaper, finally something good to read (at least). Wikipedia came on no. 11, good to see it here… then I went to the list till I reach to the 100 website. what I notice is that people either listening to music, reading news, watching video, or adult content or socializing… Is this what we need really from the Internet, I guess in addition of encouraging people of connecting to the Internet, government and public/private sector should educate people the benefit of it and how really you should use it

Top Sites:

  1. Search: Google
  2. Video: YouTube
  3. News: Alrai
  4. Sport: Koora
  5. Social: FaceBook

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