It will never learn

Today while I am going to my work, I was listening to Angham new Album كل ما نقرب لبعض  (Each time we get closer to each others), there was a song I stopped on it مبتعلمش (It will never learn); the song is talking about her heart how is thinking of him all the time, and each time she said enough until she saw him again, she forget everything and forgive him… I was thinking what is the common thing between this and if we are let us say we want to stop something and each time we try but we fail, for example trying to lose weight, after a while we never learn and on front of food we eat like… or we will stop thinking of doing shopping and again after few minutes in front of the mall or market we lose control etc… I think about it alot, and I guess I find the answer, it is Love or obsession or passion call it whatever you want.. She love him alot and she obsessed about him, we are in "love" in food, we have obsession with shopping etc.. But what I still didn't find the answer for it, is while we are in love or obsessed with something, anything we can't stop it or it is hard for us to stop it, and let it learn and let it graduate!!!!

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