Zain and Me

I could not hold myself and wait tell I get back to home and write about it. I love the customer service here in our area espcailly when the company become big and have lots of customers. Today I was checking my bill for the mobile phone and i was shocked that they charge me 25 JD  for Internet usage, but I am already subsribed to the one of data plan??!!!! I called the customer service and told them the story, he told me that I canceled my data plan subscribtions before one month, but actually I didn’t last month I just increase the sms plan that’s it, he told me I can’t do anything for you and this is what our system tell us. I finished the call, go to my iPhone and turned the EDGE off, and I conclude when the guy increase my sms subsriptions he removed the Data plan and now i should pay for his mistake… I will stop ue the Internet on my phone until a good plans or service be availabe on the market and I don’t see it on the near future

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