Everybody Needs Something to Hold onto

I love Celine Dion Song One Heart, the lyrics is amazing, on that day while am listening to I just stooped when she said ‘Everybody needs something to hold onto’ Does each one, hold on onto something to support or to make us carry on. I started from the beginning, I took every stage for the human when we were babies until we become old, what I found it was amazing.
When we are baby, our nature, hold onto our mother to feed us and take care of us, when we grow up, our parents the one who are hold onto. when we become teenage, our friends and how we want to prove ourselves. when we start become young, we hold onto many things Love, work, Friends, family, religion. Sometimes we are scared from something like and exam, and we are waiting, you try to talk to someone, just to make you comfortable and say to you ‘don’t worry You will past, it is easy’ even if you can say that to yourself, but you need someone to support you and words to hold onto even deep inside you don’t believe on that. Just check everyday activities and you find you are living your whole life hold onto something or many things not necessary a physical things but sometimes it is emotional…

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