Why ECM Projects?!!!

I always wondered why Organizations and companies pay millions of dollars each year to implement an ECM and no body use them. I decide to dig more and see why these millions are lost. After long research and from My experience I found these interesting points

  1. Failure to meet users expectations, sometimes end users expect to ease their life and work but what happened when it comes, it adds extra work and make it more complex for them
  2. Applications are too complex or needs extra work, this point is one of the major points in any IT projects, if the applications are complex no one will use it even IT people
  3. Lack of skills or knowledge around the application or process, even if IT people got a training on a software, but the knowledge around that applications doesn’t come in one shot, this usually takes time to be build
  4. Lack of ownership on business level, there are no owners for the processes, no one can give a decision on a process
  5. Organization acceptance fails, the overall acceptance of the ECM is fails no one think it is necessary or even needed

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