From Chemical engineer to System analyst

I've been asked this questions zillion of times, Why you work in IT while you are a chemical engineer ?!!!! and people keep express deep sadness how I lost 5 years studying something I didn't use it :-(, or they said to me, do they force you to study chemical engineer, or your score didn't give you a chance to study other than Ch.E. the Answer is non of the above….I had a chance to study medicine, pharmacy and any branch in engineering but I love Chemical Engineering and still in love with it… Without it I will not reach to this position right now!!! I didn't waste 5 years studying something I don't like. If you are good enough you can benefit from everything in this world and make it on your side… Later on you will see how chemical engineering helping me in my career development… So next time when somebody asking me, i will not answer, I will tell them visit my website and you will find the answer 🙂

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