iPodizim in Amman

I remembered the 1st time when I was looking to a store that sell iPod in Amman to purchase one… iPod what is it?!! it was the common answer for all stores.. Until I called the Modern System as an Apple reseller in Jordan they said only one left because they bought only 4.. I purchaese it, it was iPod 3rd generation with 15 GB capacity.. then I bought a shuffle and mini from the Amazon because they ware too expensive here and it was still not very known… but these days open any newspaper and you will see many adv. mentioning the iPod and its accessories… even more you can see people walking on the street using it… I guess Apple doing well and it will after it will release it’s Arabic version of iPod… I wounder when we will listen to Podcast here in Amman… 🙂

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