Taking Chances Review

  • When words can describe your feelings, and your lips stop moving, "A song for You" is the best to express what you have deep inside. "There is no words describe what I feel inside..".
  • You heart is broken and all your days become dark, then "This Time" is the cure. "You break me and you just say sorry, you call this love…".
  • Wanna begin new start and move on then "Just Fade Away" is thr right choice. "Everything changed when you walked away but I survived…".
  • Feeling sleepy at morning while going to your work, "Can't Fight the Feelin'" is your energy drink. "Can you hear my heart beat from miles away…".
  • Feeling down and all doors are closed, "The Reason I Go On" will give you a push and left you up. "You the air I breath, the reason my hear beat…".
  • Your love is far away and feeling alone, then you should give "Alone" a try. "You don't know how much I was waiting…".
  • Wanan say to your love than you, "A World to Believe In" is the best. "You give me a world to believe in, and feeling this love will rise me up…".
  • You are in new experiments and wanna something help you to decide, "Taking Chances" may be the good solution "I just wanna start again, may be you can tell me how to begin…".
  • Wanna tell your love, you are cold in funny way, give "Eyes On Me" a try. "So keep your eyes on me…".

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