One month Ago

Yes, the last time I wrote something on my blog was before one month. I know it is a long time, but the busy life took me away. I guess to work around 13 hrs/day in front of your Pc even at the weekend, it is not easy. At my work we had emergency time all the month, it was one of the biggest migration and dangerous process. I had alot of things to do outside the job. Also alot of news I was dying to write about them passed through the last month, starting from AMD & ATI, MS Zune, Web OS and other subjects I promise to write about each one of them. Anyway I hope I can say I am back to my blog and to spend some times with it, because I need to update it to the last version and I think this will took from me sometime to do that. Anyway Happy surfing to all of you.. 🙂

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