Are you a good programmer or not?

Do you consider yourself a good programmer? Did you have an idea how to figure this out??!!! From my little experience when I interviewed programmers especially the fresh one I tried to pick up the "Good one's". by check the points below, so let me share these points and check if you are a good one or not 😉

  1. Job or Hobby: Look if the programming is just a daily job task and if he/she think it is a good career and market pay good or he/she do extra work at home or outside the job and love programming because programming not only it is a good career
  2. Self Learning, Does he/she learn new things only from training course or there is a space for self learning and teaching, good one does not wait for someone to teach him/her, always trying to look by him/herself
  3. Logic and Intelligence, check the logic and intelligence, if you are trying to solve most of problems you face by logic, you have one of the good programmer chatacterstics
  4. Look for things that are not mentioned on the CV, like when the 1st time you use the computer, how was your experience with computer, programming, etc. Look for these things that the persons think they are not worthy to mentioned on the thier CVs
  5. How much technologies they know: It is good to know one thing on everything, did he/she only know .Net or Java. What is the latest technolgy he/she red about…
  6. Formal Knowledge, of course the formal educations and trainings will help you too to decide.
  7. Check if he/she convinced about what he/she do, like if he/she believe on Java as technology or just because market needs…

I am sure you will find people who have one or more points that can help to determine if he/she is a good programmer or not. Now Are you a Good one??!!

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