Life without Glasses

I used to wear glasses since I was 10 years old, and my vision became weaker and weaker enough that made me suffer without my glasses. Before one month I took a descsion to do LASIK surgery to my eyes. I choose the Doctor after many recommendation from my friends. I red about the LASIK, the side effect, how it works, etc… then it is the day of the LASIK. It was Thursday in the morning (11 am) I went their with my father, after few mintues, the nurse call me to do some test on my eyes and to prepare me for the operation (by the way Hashem was with me 🙂 ). The surgery took only few minutes and it depends on you around 40%. after I opened my eyes, I still can see (better than before) but need to close my eyes for around 4 hours, so I took half pilet of Valuim and went in deep sleep for 5 hours, When I waked up, Oh my God… I can see well I can watch the TV, I can see my reflection in the mirror… Next day at night I went out with my friends to drink some coffee – I was the driver – and on Sunday I went to my work as if nothing happened and I didnt wear a glasses before… If you decide to do this LASIK thing, DON'T see how they do it on video before you go – as I did – it will be easy for you 😉

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