Apple my 1st love…

My love story with Apple was started when I was 6
years old;
I was in the primary school and start learning addition and
subtraction, I visited
my uncle in my summer vacation and he owned an Apple with monochrome
monitor (PC still not exist), I was exciting while am sitting on front
of the screen and start learning
how to use it and learning the basic Math functions with simple game.
I’m one of Apple big fans, and every product attracts me with its
design and
features, I have iPod mini and before iPod 3rd generation and
shuffle, really cant live without it. Now am planning to get Airport
Express a wireless access point on the size of the charger with the ability to
share USB printer and stream music to any stereo using iTunes. Oh my god on the
next year Apple machines will be Intel based and may be we can see Mac OS on
PCs, I hope so. Today Apple will held a conference and it will announce new
products, I guess new shuffle, new mobile phones yummy, and may be something
new related to iTunes. C’mon PCs Companies show us some creativity…

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