To be Optimistic…

Yesterday there is something unusual happened; I
came back to home after I met my friend – it was long time since last meeting a
week before 🙂 – and really I enjoy it much, anyway back to the subject I went
to wash my face I noticed that the water in the sink become weaker and suddenly
it stop. What luck?!! But I back to the room and turned on my notebook, I surfed
the net then went to sleep and I was still calm… Today when I waked up I check
the water, everything was ok, I took a shower then went to my work.. I had a presentation
for one of our customers, I did well on it and I am still calm and optimistic
really I don’t why? But what I figure it out when you are optimistic and happy
you see everything great and take it easy, but when you sad or pessimistic even
the beautiful things will be ugly…

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