Android Mobile in Jordan, Amman (myTouch 3G)

Today just received my 1st Android mobile myTouch, I just unbox it still waiting the unlock code, once I got it I will write here my 1st impression..

The package is one of the best, I always thought that only apple can do good packaging but with myTouch 3G I am changing my mind.. leave you with the pictures



WD TV HD Media Player Arabic subtitle support

If you bought this amazing media player and you wanna add an Arabic subtitle support and you can’t do it using SRT, there is a walk around to get the Arabic subtitles work… All you have to do is download this software SubtitleCreator and convert the Arabic SRT file to VOBSUB and copy the both generated files to the same folder where the film is and rename it with the same film name, and open your movie and see how the Arabic subtitles are displayed on the screen

Using ADF with WIA (VB.Net)

While I am working on Capturesco as a scanning/Capturing tool for Alfresco by using WIA, I faced a problem using ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) to scan images. I did some googling on the Internet until I found this article ADF using WIA, the article was for C#, I converted to VB.Net and did some modifications on the code to make it work.

The code will detect if there is a pages on the feeder if not, it will stop scanning, the code need some modifications to add multipages supports, for now all images will be saved as tiff on the C drive.

You can get the Scanning Code from Here