stop the blood bleeding

As the farmers start collecting the olive seeds and start producing the oil from them, I should mention that the best way to stop blood bleeding from a small cut (like knife) or any other small one is to use the olive oil or any other oils. I already tested.. it is like a magic just bring some cotton or tissue paper and put some oil on it then cover the cut while it is bleeding with the oil, voila, no more blood from the cut!! the blood is stopped and you can continue without worrying about the cut. I hope you will never try it, but in case of try this cheap and easy method and tell me if it is worked with you or not… Always be safe…. 😉


Last night I was having a cup of coffee outside, sitting
alone with few papers scattered on front of me on the table. I asked the guy
inside the café if I can get his pen so I can write these thoughts. Yes even if
we are now in the computer world and Internet; I still love to hold the pen
touch the paper to write my thoughts even after 20 years I still doing this, because
sometimes we get used to do something in old fashion not because the resist of
change but because it holds inside it lots of memories that remind us with
moments that we hoped it will be endless…