Happy Birthday to me

I should celebrate two things on this birthday; 1st thing: I am now 19 🙂 the second thing: before 10 years it was my 1st time that i connected to the Internet. My PC was Pentium I with 133 MHz with CD-ROM :-). My 1st browser was Netscape and the OS was windows 95. I still remembered the speed for the download, 0.5 KB/s if the line was good I got 1 KB/s. Now things change I have laptop, ADSL connection and wireless network. Nothing stay as it is these days huh!!!


the only words can describe this movie are Good to see in the Cinema, you will sleep if you see it on DVD. No story to tell just turn off your brain. movie direction and effects are great. There are alot of scene I loved in this movie especially when the arrows cover the sky

Watching yourself in the Mirror

Yesterday while I am driving back to home, I was listening to a program in the Radio Mont Carlo about Watching yourself in the Mirror. The question was "When you look to the mirror, do you see yourself as other see you?" I thought a moment then I have an answer: No I don't see myself as other see me. I guess because I look to myself on different way than other look to me. Is that true? or I am just wondering really you look to yourself as others????!!!!