Mixed News

Finally the Holidays time…. I will be away from my work till the end of the Eid… Yes alot of free time to finish things. I just started with upgrading to the latest version of Pivot 1.4. It was piece of cake. Next will finish the new design :-), then finishing the book that I have now and few games… then what?????!!!

Finally the Mystery is solved

After 2 years of mystery, on using outlook webmail to check my email… I faced a weired problem, after i viewed the new messages I cant displayed them again until i download them using Thunderbird… I asked alot of people but without any help… until i figure it out today :-)… It was too stupid, the only thing i should made just change the View drop menu from Unread message to message ;-). Sometimes the solution to our problem is so simple and it is on front of us but we dont see it until the right time is come….

Free Alternatives

From my experience and according to the reviews I am listing the best alternative software available on the Internet

Commercial Name Free Alternative
Microsoft Office Open Office
Winzip/Winrar 7-zip
Norton MacFee AVG Antivirus
Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox
Ms Outlook Mozilla Thunderbird

Totally Free

Yesterday I completed my move to the open source and the free programme world. My target was MS Office, it was replaced with Open Office 2.0 and the Winrar replaced with 7-zip tool. After playing and open several word documents using the Open Office writer, I should admit that the compatibility was great, almost all of my documents were open without any changes in the format. For the 7-zip, I was looking for a tool that provide me with ability to open most of compressed files as alternative for Winrar, till I found 7-Zip. It is great utility with multi-supported format and high compression rate. Now my laptop is loaded with 100% free products, without losing any functionalities….