Majedah New Album

Finally after long long waiting, after 7 years, Majedah released her new album E3tazalt El3’aram… All new songs, it is not released here in Jordan yet but now in Eygept.. It has 12 songs with different styles, can’t wait to get the CD because I get tired from listening to its low quality version 😉

Apple Event

Today Apple will show it is a new products in a special event, until now there are no signs what Apple will show.. Even at the location of the event, no poster or any announcements… No one knows what Steve Job will show today… From roumers here and their, my real iPod Video with touch screen, or new laptop and iMac or some on goes far and said it will be smart phone… After few hours everything will be clear…
Update 1: New iMac mini are released based on Intel core Due..
Update 2: New iPod Hi-Fi new sound system for home, more details coming soon

EDC 06 Day 3

Last day for this events, I attened 2 and half sessions, 2 for SQL server 2005 and the half is for Windows Workflow Foundation. The WF was disappointed not because the session but because of the product itself. It is just a framework to develpe a workflow not a workflow product. The 2nd lecture was about reporting service in SQL Server, great and improved than the previous. The last one was about the high availabilty of database with mirror technology and snapshot… The last day was the best the lectures were good and have new things

EDC 06 Day 2

Today I attended 2 sessions, one was about the Intelligence Business Analysis using SQL Server 2005, it was very very boring by all the meaning of this word.. I falled in sleep nothing to learn on this session, even it is not worthy to talk about… The second session was about SQL Server 2005 Security for Administrators, I like it so much, there are alot of things on it. They talked about security model in SQL Server 2005, encryptions and new concepts.. Tomorrow is the last day, I hope i will not miss anything…

Memories of a Geisha

I didnt red the novel so I can’t judge about how much was the movie away from it, but i will judge on what I saw.. The movie directing was great, the costume are Oscar worthy.. the music is great.. the story about a little girl who was sold by her parents to be a Geisha and fall in love with a guy. I like the movie in general and I guess it is Oscar worthy on costume, Makeup and Music.. It is worthy to watch at the end 🙂

EDC 06 Day 1

Today I attended the 1st day of East Med. Developer Conference, It was on Zara Center. I arrived their around 11:00 AM. To be honest the preparations were good better than last year.
I attended two seminars, Windows Vista Security and Developing Software using VS Team Edition.
As usual, MS pretended to create the most inovative, secure creative OS in the market with unique features that are not existed in the market. I spent more than one hour listening to the seminar, only few things was new but most of other features are import it from other OS like Linux and Apple OS. The 2nd one had new idea, it was theoritical more than practical but it was good new ideas and feature for VS 2005… I hope the coming few days will have more things intersted than today.

A New Job has Come

Yesterday I started my new job, really the change is very useful and helpfull sometimes, to know new people to face new chalenges. My collegues are great and friendly and until now am start to learn about the new system and how it works. I guess it is new big move in my carrer, I will do my best to learn new things from this new job. By the way they did a small breakfast to welcome me on the board and to introduce me to the others…