Just a rumor..

Sometimes you read an article or a news online or on the newspaper and you wonder if it is true or not? or say it is very strange…
A rumor spread through the net that Miscrosoft is going to buy Opera, strange isn’t it?! When 1st I red it i say these people have no innovation when they wanna do something they just buy a company…But thanks God it was just a rumor and Opera declined this 🙂

Finally Cold and rain

First of all, Thanx god for this weather.. for a while i thought that the weather will stay hot and we will never have winter this year…But after these rain and cold wind i cheer up and the winter is back 🙂 . I love Fairuz song reg3et el shatweiah; and winter, cloudy sky and cold is my favorite condition…I wish if these condition stay all the winter season not just for a few days…;-)

King Kong back

King Kong
I came back from the midnight show of King Kong film, after 3 hours of watching, i have a conclusion that Mr. Peter Jackson (The film director) is one of the best film directors espacially Sci. ficiton movies. The remake was great, the effects wooow.. I guess it is one of the best movies on this year.. Go and buy a ticket and enjoy the 3 hours epic…

Follow Your Heart

Sometimes your heart thinks, whom do you really

You love someone, but you like someone else

Your minds speaks, but your heart denies…

Someone listens, but someone else comforts…

Someone prays, but someone else consoles…

Someone says, but someone else’s actions speak…

Someone laughs, but someone else understands…

Someone just tells, but someone else makes you do…

Someone is there, but someone you want is not…

You search for someone in someone else…

Is this a beginning of Love, or is it the end?

A time comes in life when you think what love really

What you think is love, or is it something else?

Listen to your mind…, but follow your heart….

En Fin…

It was long time since I wrote something; really it was very
busy week full of news, I didn’t have enough time to do a lot of works.
First of all, I am gonna change my current work and move to
UNRWA as a system analyst; I know this will make me more busy to finish all the
pending tasks that I have but I guess it is a big step on my career. Anyway I
still have around two months before I leave. Also this week I celebrate with my friend his birthday, we
spent great time together coz I didn’t see him from long time and I was a great
chance to saw him again..
Yesterday I visited METs expo, I felt that every year this
expo is shrinking and getting smaller, there were few companies with nothing special
on their offers 🙁
I forgot to mention my brother; he came from KSA to spend
his holiday here, but after his visit to Nablus
Something else, I gave my French language a try :-), I went
with Tareq (my friend) to Zara expo for universities Expo – of course the French
embassy was their- 😉