iPhone in Jordan from Orange

Before couple of days my friend asked me to go with him to get an iPhone from orange, we went to smart buy orange office because on the website they mentioned that you can get it from their. After we arrived and the customer care girl explain all the package details she said you can’t get it from here you have to go the 7th circle branch. We went their and after 1 hour my friend took his iPhone and the customer care said sorry the procedures are long. I imagine if on the launch day on AT&T had these long procedures what gonna happened

iTunes App Store in Jordan

Yesterday I opened iTunes account, even Jordan is listed on apple page as one of Arabic country that gonna get iPhone after few months but there is no iTunes store like KSA and UAE. How I opened it? I purchased a gift card from ebay ( you can get it also from Amazon); I redeem it on the US store. Now I have iTunes account with $15 credit, and I also I can download Aljazeera Podcast (and a lot of free podcasting) also I downloaded a Free App for my iPhone. After only one day of using the store, I reach to conclusion, iPod or iPhone without iTunes store is missing a lot of thing and this is what make iPod/iPhone espacial…

iPhone Mic

iPhone owners don’t laugh on me, after several months of using the iPhone, I discovered that, the headset that come with the iPhone, you can use it to answer the call, reject it, play/stop music and forword the music to the next track, you just need to click on the mic once or double two forward to the next track. Always read the booklet that come with any gadget it have useful tips 🙂

New iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

You may already know that the new iPhone now is released, iPhone 3G it has a built in GPS thiner more battery life and new software 2.0 and the best part is the 8 GB model is only $200 and $300 for 16 GB. Also now Apple is confirming that iPhone is coming to via Orange before the end of the year… More details will come soon, the iPhone will be available on 11 July