Free Scanning tool for Alfresco

Are you looking for a free scanning tool for Aflresco, you should try the new Capturesco version 2.0, open source built based on open source projects, no need to any licenses. Built with .Net framework 3.5 using C#. Can capture documents from any scanner with a TWAIN driver using ADF or flatbed by using the Native TWAIN User Interface or direct scanning. All documents can be saved as jpg, gif or Tiff also support single or multipage documents. The tool is still in development stages and testing. Feel free to add your comments and if you have any troubles just contact me and I will try to reply to you soon. Capturesco is a good start point for the developers who’s looking to develop their own customized scanning utility.

You can download Alfresco Scanning tool (Capturesco) from here.

Thank you for your interest and your support.

Capturesco 2.0 Beta 1 Released


Capturesco 2.0 Beta 1, just released. It has lots of changes and tweaks on the scanning module.

  • The project now is built using Visual Studio 2008
  • All codes are now written in C#
  • Adding TWAIN supports for Scanners
  • Scanning can be made through Capturesco or native scanner TWAIN driver
  • New enhanaced interface showing the steps.
  • Better supports for ADF
  • Users can now choose to save the multi pages scanning on a single file or multiple files
  • Lots of code cleaning
  • New logo for the Capturesco 🙂

Don’t forget to register WIA if you are planning to capture images through camera

To download it go to Capturesco Page on Alfresco Forge, if  you need any help leave a comment…

Any supports will be appreciated

Using ADF with WIA (VB.Net)

While I am working on Capturesco as a scanning/Capturing tool for Alfresco by using WIA, I faced a problem using ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) to scan images. I did some googling on the Internet until I found this article ADF using WIA, the article was for C#, I converted to VB.Net and did some modifications on the code to make it work.

The code will detect if there is a pages on the feeder if not, it will stop scanning, the code need some modifications to add multipages supports, for now all images will be saved as tiff on the C drive.

You can get the Scanning Code from Here

Capturesco – The Alfresco Capture Tool (Alfresco Scan)

Capturesco is a tool built using VB.Net to add capture functionality to Alfresco by scanning documents, capture pictures from Web Cams or Camera and Videos. The tool is calling Alfresco Web services and allow the user to choose where to save the scanned or captured images. This tool was tested on Alfresco Lab 3.0 and was build by a help from this great article

To use this tool, you must have alfresco lab 3.o installed and configured, currently I am using localhost:8080 and you can change that but you have to rebuild the solution. Also you have to register the WIA.dll using regsvr32

I am using the WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) API to capture or scan documents and images.

Beta 1 from Capturesco was released on Thursday,  the basic functionality are working (capture and choose where to save) but still lots of validations still be made.

To Do for Capturesco 1.0:

  1. Adding validations
  2. Choose the image format
  3. Adding video capture
  4. User Interface enhancement

To do later on after releasing version 1.0

  • Allow adding custom meta data to the scanned or captured image

If you have any ideas or suggestions for features to be added, please feel free to tell me about it.