How to Save water

Water are becoming valuable everyday especially if we know that only 3% to 4% of the water available on earth is drinkable. In Jordan the water in more more important than other countries because it is considered on the top ten countries on the world with poor water resources. I have few suggestions and practice you may think it is simple but it have great results on the long run.

  1. Close the water tape while brushing your teeth or shaving your face
  2. Put a bottle of water in the toilet, so you can reduce the water on each flush
  3. Collect the water from cleaning vegetables and fruit and reuse them in water your garden (if you have)
  4. In Winter, collect the water that comes from shower or tapes while waiting the hot water to go down
  5. 5 minutes quick shower will reduce the waste water
  6. Collect the water that comes from your washing Machine (Last Cycle) and use them to mop your floor or your Bathroom
  7. Don’t user water hose to clean your car, use a bucket instead.
  8. Use Liquid soap instead of Solid one, the liquid one will bring foam faster than solid one espacially that our water are little salty

New iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

You may already know that the new iPhone now is released, iPhone 3G it has a built in GPS thiner more battery life and new software 2.0 and the best part is the 8 GB model is only $200 and $300 for 16 GB. Also now Apple is confirming that iPhone is coming to via Orange before the end of the year… More details will come soon, the iPhone will be available on 11 July

Why we loose Interest?

Did you ever start something and after a while you stop doing it, Did you plan to start reading then after few

days you just don’t feel that you want to read any more. Are you  a smoker and you plan to stop and after few hours you smoke again.. Things like these happen everyday, why?!!, Let us take a simple example; you decide to start learning new language, you were exciting and happy with full power, but after couples of days, the power is start to decrease, you start dismissing classes then after a while you stop the course… WHY!!!. Let us start from the beginning,  when you start thinking to take the course, you start giving justifications to yourself why you must take this course and start to convince yourself that is a must. All your sensing start focusing on that and the power gauge is hitting the maximum. After you start the course, you start to focus on another thing, the energy start to decrease and your senses start to focus on another things until you lose interest on the course and you lose focusing on learning. What happened the course is still their and deep inside you still wanna learn but your senses are not focusing on that…. So to finish what you have been started focus again and you will see how this energy will come back… Don’t distort your senses focus on one thing a time and see how you will success