Away from long time…

I know, I was away long time, but really I dont much time, from 6 to 8 outside the home and sometimes working at home untill midnight..It is very tiring but I am enjoying doing this, at least I dont have alot of empty time. I missed alot of events since last time, Amman with white dress on last Thursday, I hope it will happen soon so I can take pictures… The french movie today… I guess I need a little time just to re-organized myself and back to my blog.

Firefox Usage

Before 1 month I started to record statistics about my blog visitors, this is the summery of them:
IE usage: 70.70%
Firefox usage: 28.13%
Safari, Opera and Mozilla: 0.39% for each
Most of visitors are from Jordan around 78.91%, also USA, Palestine, KSA, UK, UAE,Germany, Egypt, Italy and Spain…
Most of OS are Windows XP 90.23%, also there are Windows 2000, Windows 98, MacOS X, Linux, Windows 2003, and Windows NT
The total visitors are 256 unique..

Always keep a back!!!

If you dont like it, just leave it! if you dont wanna work just dont coz you will make mistakes more than you will fix… and always keep a back copy of your works… Today I was tired and working while am sleepy, trying to move my 4 days work to another folder on my web server using FTP, while am doing this I dont know how this happened I pressed the delete button, and yes all files start to go away, oh my God 4 days work gone with just a press from a button.. After I waked up from the shocked, I remebered that I made a back up to my work last night, oh yes thanx God I found it and I started to upload it, and everything back as it is.. So we learn from our mistakes are not we? 🙂

The World Cancer Day

Yes everyone dont wanna hear this word “Cancer”, I know it is scary thing and God heal all sick people but it is a fact we should face it… I would like to ask one question, where it was before 30 years ago? why now we hear about it eveyday? Is there anything changes on our life so it shows up…
Do you like to help without leaving your place?!!, just send SMS to 92000 with a word LIFE to donate with 1 JD, it may help to cure someone..

The pictures

Before I was writing this I thinked alot, I dont wanna add to my blog any political issues but what happened lately it is not a political thing it is something related to what I believe on. There is a big difference between freedom and to hurt others feelings espacially if it is related to religion. What should we do, I guess everyone know what he/she must do without any help or guide. Hope this will end soon and stop these things from happening again….