C’est vrai ou faux?!!

When people said to you: “You are right/ You are
wrong”. I think it just their point views; only their opinions or your judge on
that certain situation or thing. Even when you found someone who says God is
not exist, it is his opinion “For sure it is wrong”, but when you eat
something, you didn’t like it and your friend did, here you should not say it
is right or wrong because each one of you has it is own taste depend on the
environment which he is raise in. I guess there are things we can say about
them right or wrong but others you only say your opinion. So the key to
communicate with others is to try to understand that the right or wrong is just
exist from my view or my side; to generalize our judgment is the big
mistake…Now what do you think am I right or wrong?!! 🙂 😉