IBM after 60 years…

IBM Logo

Today IBM research is celebrating 60 years of breakthroughs in computer
science, physics and semiconductor. Five of its employees won Nobel
Prizes and other awards. Also they invinted programming language like
FORTRAN, Magnetic storage, Relational Database, DRAM cells, RISC chip,
superconductivity and Data encryption standard.. they have 29,021
patents more than any other company or individual in the world.

.Net and….???

Before a few days, I was busy by doing some programming stuff at
the company of course using ASP.Net. I spend a whole day trying to configure
.NET security on the client so my code I can run, I did the same configuration as usaul but
without any luck..
Today I just open my PC, run my code again (Oh la la, the miracle
is happened) the code is running without any changes… I don’t know what the
wrong with .Net was but it is not the 1st
time… so if you are one of
the lucky person 🙂 who are using .Net as programming language and get
unreasonable error trust me it is from .Net not from you… 😉

Sans Nom

When I decide to launch my blog, I took promise on myself
that there will be no rules in writing comments in my blog (Except the known
issues that anyone can’t accept them). But also I would like to see the email
or at least the name for everyone who gonna add his comments or participate in
my blog. I guess am not asking for so much just wanna know who’s visit or interested
in my blog.

Thanks for your blogging and your comments.