How much pressure in the car tire you should have

Maintaining the optimum value of the air pressure in your tire will help you to save fuel consumptions from to 10% to 15%. Each car manufacturer recommend the amount of air pressure you should have in your tires, to find these values; open the car door (next to steering) and look for any labels on the edge of the car and read the values. You will have two values, one if the load is light and the other if the car is fully loaded. Check your air pressure on the tires every 3 weeks to one months so you can minimize the fuel consumptions.

My own Greek Salad

Greek Salad

To make the above Greek Salad you need

  1. 1 or 2 medium Tomatoes -Cut into wedges
  2. 2 medium Cucumber – Sliced into rings
  3. Black Olive _ Sliced into rings (add as many as you want)
  4. punch of Rocket leaves – Cut into large leafs
  5. 2 leafs Romanian Lettuce – Cut into large
  6. Feta Cheese – Cut into small cubes (As many as you want
  7. pinch of Sugar, salt, black pepper
  8. 1 teaspoon Apple Vinegar
  9. 1 tablespoon Virgin Olive Oil
  10. 2 tablespoon water

Put all vegetables on deep bowl and mix them together. Bring a cup, add Vinegar, Olive oil, sugar, salt and black pepper, mix them together, until they become one solution, then add water, also mix them together until the water mixed with everything. Add the dressing to the salad and mix.. Finally add the feta cheese on the top… wait for few minutes until the vegetables are taking the dressing…then eat 🙂

Bon appetite

How to stop Hiccups

human body

If you are having problems with hiccups like me, and wait for long time to stop (sometime it stop after one hour), these are the best solution to stop it

  • Try to breath in a bag (preferred a paper bag)
  • Stop breathing as long as you can
  • Drink a cup of water without taking a breathe
  • Try to get afraid 🙂
  • Let someone lie to you 🙂 (Don’t forget to lie is not good)
  • Drinking Warm water (according to Growing Happiness)

If you know any more method, share it with me so it may help someone having a problem with hiccups like me 🙂

How to Fight Acnes, Blemishes and control Oily skins

From my long self experience in fighting acne and suffering from oily face and skins, I decide to share my experience with you if you having these face problems and am sure you will say goodbye to them.

Step 1: The Daily wash, you should try to keep your face clean as you possible as you can, after trying different products I am using now Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash from The Body Shop, Am using it twice a day, it will help clean your skin or if you are lazy or you don’t have time you can use Tea Tree Oil Daily Foaming Facial Wash it will give the same results.

Step 2: To remove the dead skins and try to improve the look of the blemishes-damaged skins, I am using Tea Tree Facial Scrubs once per week but if you have a lot of acne you can use it twice per week.

Step 3: The most amazing product that help to remove the acne in two to three days is Tea Tree Oil it is a must for anyone have having blemishes or acnes, just one drop on the infected area per day and you will see how it will be removed without leaving any scare.

All these products are come from The Body Shop You can either buy them online or check your local store (In Amman, you can find it in Swefiah, Makkah Mall and City Mall) the total cost is around $30.0 and last for couples of months. Also it have wide range of products if you need any information just ask me and I will help.

How to Find Lost Objects

Lost Objects

Everybody lose objects from time to time, and to find these objects sometimes it drive you crazy and after few days you find these objects. While I’m googling I found this free book How to Find Lost Objects it have few tips that may help you to find your lost objects. It start with The Twelve Principles then The Way to Search then The Art of Finding. Try these tips it may help, I already try it and I found few things I lost them long time ago 🙂

How to Import Posts from Pivot to WordPress

I’ve been using using Pivot blog since 2005, it is a database based text file, it is a good and powerful blog for people that don’t have database support on their host (You can get basic hosting for $4/month and use it). The challenge for me is to move to a new software is how can I import my all data from Pivot. I decide to go with WordPress and check if I can do the migration process, I did some googling until I found the solution. The steps are very simple:

  1. Download the latest version of wordPress here
  2. Read the 5 mins installation guide to install it. (I recommend to install in on another folder not to your root folder (e.g.
  3. Grab this script file and upload it to the /wordpress/wp-admin/import/ (credits goes to this guy)
  4. Copy your db folder from Pivot folder with pv_cfg_config.php and paste them to WordPress folder
  5. Login to your admin console for WordPress, Go to Manage, Import and Choose Pivot
  6. Follow up the instructions (mapping the users, etc…)
  7. If everything went fine you have all your posts imported
  8. Now to solve the Image problem you need to grab this WordPress Plugin from here and remove the ‘.txt
  9. Open the file and add your image path to the files (e.g.
    <img src="$1" alt="$2" align="$3" border="$4" /> change it to <img src="images/$1" alt="$2" align="$3" border="$4" />
  10. Upload your file to the plugin Directory /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/ and activate it
  11. Open your website now, Viola, your all Pivot posts are imported to WordPress.. Happy Blogging

Am Back

After long long absence,  lots of work to do and tasks to be done, I return to my  blog with lots of things on my mind. 1st of all as you see i fully changed the website software, later i will write how I did the migrations. Also I choose a simple design and fast so it will not take long time for loading… Anyway i hope my plans will work and I have sometimes for my website.