iPod 5th Generation

Yesterday Apple announced the new iPod that can play video in addition
of music and images slide show. iPod The new iPod is wider because of it is
screen but thinner. It comes with 30 GB and 60 GB. Actually the most
thing i love it on this new one it is price $299 for the 30GB. but I
am still happy with my mini it is enough for me and not intersted in new
one… but what am looking for is the new iMac but with the Intel CPU
inside next year…

Les Egares

Yesterday I went to cinema with my friends to
watch the film, As usual the movie end was not expected like other French movies
and this is a big difference between the Hollywood
movies and the French. The subject of the movie is about the War destruction
and specifically about the War World II. The Story was good, and the actors did
well… I gave this film 4 out 5. So if you wanna little drama in your day go
for it and enjoy 🙂

CIV IV coming soon weeeeeeeeeeeeeh

I always loved RPG and turn based games especially
this game. I played the two previous versions CIV II and III. As always when I start
playing I said “Just few turns and I will stop” this few turns took from me
about 2 or 3 hours of playing 🙂 , I just look at the clock ahhhh I did it
again; I said just a few turns not to finish the game !?x#@. Now I am waiting
the latest release of this game on the mid of November with new game engine to
make the game more logical, with guaranty that you will never play the same
game twice (like previous versions) and better online gaming. So trust me you
will not get bored with it, so join me with few turns 😉

Hussssssssssh, Don’t tell any one

Far away, they said two opinions are better than one, but
these days I guess it is not! Why?! My troubles begun when I am start thinking
to get a new car; my knowledge in car is like my knowledge in Urdu. I love
small car like Peugeot 206, Citroen C3, etc… so I check the dealer here in
Amman and I look for used one, people around me said “C’mon it is small car and
very expensive, these cars have a lot of problems, get Korean cars are cheaper”
others said “Stay away from Korean cars, they are very brittle get Japanese cars”
and another “Why you don’t think of Opel or BMW or Mercedes cars the best ever
others are not good “… bla bla bla.. At the end I get a conclusion that is all cars
are not good, they have problems, and brittles consume fuel, and after a while
you need to send them to the garage. So trust me get whatever you want, because if
you listen to others you will not get a car.