What people in our region is looking for?

Today while I was reading Alghad newspaper, I stopped on this article which is talking about the latest report about what Arabic people are searching for in the Internet and what their interests. I was not surprise by the 1st and big search subject that people are looking for which is sex because I was expecting that – a quick look to Alexa ranking you know that – but what makes continue reading the other results; like freedom with huge amount of quires, jokes, Democracy, certain types of freedom. Also the results about Arabic research was a disaster almost nothing. Also a quick look to our Artists, how much people where searching for Tamer Husni!! I guess these kind of statistics should be more studied and give it more attention because it gives an idea where we are going and how people are thinking.. A message to our governments would you please read that report and do something or you still don’t know what’s the cyber space and think people are sleeping.

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