Amazon Kindle 2 in Jordan – My Impression

The internet is full of Amazon Kindle 2 review, tips and tricks and hacks. I will not talk here about these things because Kindle 2 is almost one year out and it is too late to talk about these things. What I am gonna talk about is my first impression and my experience of Kindle in Jordan.

I got a chance to bought the international kindle during my visit to Canada after reducing its price, what’s amazing that the package was delivered before the schedule time to my hotel room, and Amazon calculate all import and tax services for me, I didn’t have to pay anything for the customs and delivery company.

The 3G service work great on the Kindle, I tried to purchase different books from Amazon website and on less than 1 min it was downloaded on my Kindle.

On Heathrow airport, I have to pay for the internet connection, but what I did is using my Kindle browser to check emails and do some tweets all free using the free 3G connection. Don’t expect too much from the kindle browser it remind me with the earliest version of the browsers but it will do the job if you don’t have internet connection.

The problem of the Amazon Kindle in Jordan, the whisper service is working in Jordan as GPRS/EDGE I tried to purchase sample book and also less than 60 sec it was on my Kindle.

I tried to use different PDF files to see how it is practical to read on kindle; of course I used PDF with Arabic font. You can see how Kindle handle the Quran and how amazing and clear view you can have.

I am very satisfied with my kindle, Kindle definitely will change your reading experience and you will enjoy reading without eye strains.

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  1. Rami,

    I have a kindle DX from the states, I turn it on here in Amman and get no bars for the 3G at all. Is there a setting you change or something?

  2. Hi,
    Hamzeh welcome to Kindle world and sorry for been late
    There is no 3G in Amman, you only get EDGE but you have to wait to get the bars on. which area you are living.. you don’t need to do any settings. you can sent me an email to give more details

  3. Hi, I am thinking of buying a kindle for my GF who is living and working in Amman , Jordon. Does iThe kidled and assciated ammazon capability work satisfcatory there? Which model do I get that will work satisfactory and so she can purchase books with ease. Any help with this would be appreciated. I am thinking of purchasing it online.

  4. Hi,
    I am thinking of buying a kindle for my GF who is living and working in Amman , Jordon. Does iThe kidled and assciated ammazon capability work satisfcatory there? Which model do I get that will work satisfactory and so she can purchase books with ease. Any help with this would be appreciated. I am thinking of purchasing it online.

  5. Hi Tarik,
    Yes you can buy it, I have Kindle 2 and my friend got Kindle 3, you can connect to the Wishper network their and all your purchased books are delivered their no problem.. I got mine in July and never faced any problem.. Good choice as a gift a nice tool for reading..

  6. hi ,
    i’m really want a kindle , and i’ll be getting one shortly from Canada . i get it that you can connect to knidle store but can i buy books for my kindle . i have wrote to Amazon and they told me that i can’t cause of copyrights and stuff so how can i overcome that ?!


  7. Hi Sukina,
    Where are you from? I have my kindle in Canada and I was living in Jordan and I could buy books in Jordan from Amazon. I never faced a problem with a copyright thing.. can you explain to me more where do you wanna use it

  8. بشرى سارة لكل الباحثين عن قارئ الكتروني .. أنصحكم إخوتي بجهاز pocketbook جهاز اكثر من رائع يدعم العربية واجهة وكتبا ( سواء مطبوعه او مصورة ) !!
    بل اكثر من ذلك بوجود نظام خاص للغة العربية ، مع ما يميزه بوجود بلوتوث و واي فاي ومتصفح لتحميل الكتب مباشرة ..بالاضافة الى دعمه الكامل للخطوط العربية وأحجام النصوص و رسمها ..
    أنا بالنسبة للكتب فأقول انني لم أر قط جهاز يدعم هذا الكم من الصيغ حتى في الكندل من doc , PDF , epup , docx, txt والكثير ..
    انصح الجميع باقتناءه ..
    وهذه صفحة القارئ للاستزادة ..

  9. Thanks for the review, Rami.

    Sukina and Mutaz:

    I bought a kindle touch from, and then I used my Aramex Shop And Ship account to ship it to Jordan, but you have to bear in mind that:

    1) You’ll have to pay the Customs tax to the Jordanian Customs (it depends on the price of the kindle device you are planning to buy (35-55 % of the price)) + 8 JD to Aramex (the first 0.5 kg or less costs 8 JD).

    You can get aorund this if you know someone who can buy the kindle for you and bring it to you (bypass Aramex shipping costs), and let them bring it as if it is their personal device (bypass the Customs tax).

    2) If detects that your country is Jordan, then you will not be able to buy most of the kindle books or gain access to most of the kindle contents as most of the publishers set their books and contents copyrights/licenses to be sold/accessed in the US and few other countries (e.g. Canada or Europian countries) only. So, you’ll need a valid US address.

    Well, if you have relatives in the US, you can set your address to be theirs in order to get around this problem. I set my address to be the Aramex US address, and I provided my Jordanian address as the billing address, and I had no problem.

    3) You’ll need to check the 3G coverage if you are planning to buy a kindle with a 3G connectivity.

    Hope this post was helpful.

  10. hi i bought a kindle fire from the states and when i came to amman i discover that i need an american mastercard to download games, books, and i dont have one can you help >~>!? answer me quickly please ( thanks) and can i download without a mastercard ?

  11. Thanks alot but I think if I try to do this I will broke my kindle in few seconds is there is any store in Jordan can root it? ! Thanks rami

  12. sorry for asking too many questions but i search for stores in jordan and i didnt found do you know a specific store

  13. no worries you can ask as many as you want 🙂 Sorry I don’t know any store can do that.. but the steps are easy to do.. If I was in Amman I will do it to you by myself.. I am coming after 2 months

  14. Hey I want to ask question. What is rooting and when I root my kindle I will can download apps from the app store? Thanks rami

  15. Rooting is to get the admin password for Android (Linux) so you can install whatever you want.. once you root it you can install google play and install software from there.. tell me how can I help

  16. hi rami my facebook name omar m khattab and (email) btw facebook block me from sending freinds requests so please look for me 😀

  17. can we consider kindle fire as an altarnative of ipad2 ? means can I install Android apps , games , etc…

    thanks in advance

  18. you can install games on it and things like that like any android tablet if you are in US but if not you have to root it 1st then you can install anything on it..

  19. Hi,
    What quran file are you using in those images you posted? Where can i find/buy that version please?

  20. Hi,
    I want to buy a couple of Kids Amazon Fire from the USA and take with me to Jordan for Nephew and Niece. Can they switch language to Arabic if they want to? Will they be able to download books where wifi is available? Thank you,

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