My First Article in the blog.

It is my first article here in the blog, you will see my writings here alot so be prepared for them, and here we go my 1st one :-)…
You saw Janat's new clip? Maybe you don't know who Janat is…Janat is a young singer…she is the one who sang  "Ely Beny o Benak"…the song we knew when Amr Diab sang….it is a little confusing I will tell you the story from the beginning.
Janat is a young female singer from morocco, she hoped to start a successful career in Egypt…she liked a song named "Ely Beny o Benak" and she taped it to include it in her first album.
By chance, the famous singer Amr Diab heard this song…he remembered that this song was presented to him one year ago and he didn't include it in his album. So he contacted the lyrics composer in order to take the song for himself but her refused because he already sold the song's rights to the producer and Janat already taped it
So Amr decided to the sing the words in an illegal way…he distributed the single on the internet and the radio stations…but not on a C.D because he doesn't have the rights to distribute it on a C.D.
Janat's production company tried to announce that this single is Janat’s and not for anybody else…but they fail to promote the truth until they had a good idea…they made a mix between Janat and Amr so the song appeared to be a duo between them…how smart…
The name of Janat is famous now and she released her album recently in the markets…. The name of the album is " Ely Beny o Benak" and it is rocking the market…the hit she decided to shot is " Aktar men sana" , she is acting the role of a young girl who broke up with her lover one year ago , but still remember him and her memories with him.
The album is selling very well and the hit is number on in many Arabic radio and satellite stations

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  1. it’s good article, and added new information for me regardless what is it, hope to write other one, do your best
    good luck

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